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Access Technologies has partnered with Xirrus, Inc.© to provide our customers with the most powerful Wi-Fi technology and services available.

Our Wi-Fi Engineers are experienced in the latest Wi-Fi products and services; including Broadband Wi-Fi networking, routers, bridges, and switches. Our complete Wi-Fi services involve Wi-Fi network planning, design, and deployment.Xirrus High Performance Wi-Fi

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array supplied by Access Technologies is the only Wi-Fi device that can effectively replace a traditional Ethernet workgroup switch and provide users with a reliable wireless network service. Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays offer an unparalleled level of capacity, range, coverage, and performance to deliver the best Wi-Fi services at reduced deployment and ownership costs compared to traditional wired networks.

Wi-Fi Features

  • More coverage per device: 4X more coverage than traditional APs
  • More users per device: Supports hundreds of users per device
  • High Performance Wi-Fi: Up to 8X the bandwidth and 14X the throughput of traditional APs
  • Up to 16 integrated Access Points in a single device
  • Embedded Wi-Fi controller/switch
  • Multi-sector Antenna system
  • Best RF management: Multiple tunable radios, automatic channel, cell, interference, and load optimization of the RF environment.
  • Highly secure Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi Firewall, integrated spectrum analyzer, dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor, and rogue AP blocking.
  • Highly Resilient Wi-Fi: Resiliency at the radio, Array, uplink, backhaul, and power level
  • Line Rate Encryption: Line rate encryption within the Array, no bottlenecks
  • Future Proof: Modular design and flash upgradeable allows for quick field upgrades
  • Reduced Cost: 75% less devices, cabling, switch ports, and installation time
  • Layer 3 roaming: Security policies can be created for different types of users to control parameters; such as time-of-day and day-of-the-week access, QoS, and traffic limits
  • Location services: Client''s location can be mapped to building floor plans based on location of the client relative to the Array.


Wi-Fi Management System

Access Technologies provides unsurpassed monitoring and central management of our customers" Wi-Fi networks, and can support single-site to large scale multi-site deployments.

Access Technologies Wi-Fi central management services include:

  • Central management of the entire Wi-Fi Array networkWi-Fi Management System
  • Continual monitoring of Wi-Fi network status and performance
  • Control and maintain configurations across all Arrays
  • Track and analyze Wi-Fi network usage and growth over time
  • Fast and simple roll out of the Wi-Fi network configuration changes
  • Automatic alerting of network issues with drill-down troubleshooting

NED Managed Services

NED Managed Services and IT Support logoWhy manage your business' Wi-FI and other technologies separately? Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT+ network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED- our exclusive remote management system. You can count on NED to manage any technology on your IT network 24/7.

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